About Us

I crafted my first hair oil in 2014.  It kept my hair glossy, my scalp nourished and many asking what I put in my hair to smell so good. I continued to experiment and test a wide variety of oils and balms to find what worked best on myself and my two daughters.

I pursued my love for natural products while balancing motherhood, a full-time career in the technology sector and trekking around the globe for work.  My travels fueled my passion to create an all-in-one multi-tasking beauty blend that traveled well and I could use on my face, body and hair.

During my career and travels, the lack of women and lack of women of color in technology became very obvious and I've always been inspired to be a change maker in this arena.  That is why KynKia is committed to empowering young girls to succeed through giving back to STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) programs.

My company, KynKia was established in 2019 with the encouragement of family and friends. It is named after my two daughters and represents our collective quest for authenticity, creativity and supporting others. 

KynKia is the intersection of knowing what you want, creating what you can’t find and sharing it with others. I hope you enjoy our products and welcome you to join us on our journey to a healthy lifestyle and empowering girls.

Yours Truly, Shannon