Jasmine Lavender Hair & Scalp Freshening Oil - 4 oz

Jasmine Lavender Hair & Scalp Freshening Oil - 4 oz

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This freshening oil envelops your hair with the delicate and sensual scent of jasmine while keeping your hair and scalp moisturized too!  It is also our original KynKia product and customer favorite to keep hair smelling fresh all day--in any environment.

We use 100% pure jojoba oil since it is the natural plant seed oil most similar to the sebum oil naturally produced by our bodies.

Ingredients:  100% Jojoba Oil, 100% Lavender Essential Oil and All-Natural Blend of Floral Fragrances


  • Damp hair:  Lightly spray evenly on hair before styling
  • Dry Hair:  Spray quarter sized amount into palm of hands and evenly distribute throughout the hair with both hands
  • Scalp:  Spray directly on scalp as an instant scalp refresh